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Retarded assholes

As a master to my slave – i am lucky, not as lucky as my slave In love but nonetheless if i want slave to sit on a chair tied up all day – that's what she does. If i want her to pose for a picture, explicit or otherwise, that's what she does. She never really questions me and most of the time she is complicit.

Occasionally i might share a picture or two, but this does not open the gates for retarded assholes who think they can fuck her because a picture of her turns them on!

I wouldn’t mind if the messages i get were more than a few words such as “Can i fuck your slave!”

And i do mind when i write back explaining why they can’t fuck her and then the original poster gets arsy!

Just because CT is my slave, it does not mean i will pass her around like a piece of meat for others pleasure! Sure we play, but, with who we want to play with, and it’s likely it wont be you if you can’t take the time to write a few decent paragraphs of text explaining why you think you are worthy of meeting my slave.

It continues to amaze me that men think that a message saying “wanna fuck” will actually get them a fuck! Guys, you are so far off the mark it pains me to watch you!