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Men in Panties Fetish!

Fetish for Men in girls pants

It seems socially unacceptable for men to wear girls panties, but why should the girls have all the fun?

There is nothing more boring than a pair of boxer shorts, and y fronts are are enough to make you want to run far away screaming “ahhhh so 1970’s”

Women have monthly pants,you know the boring cotton ones, and nice pants for the time in between and sexy pants for special occasions. Men the dull asses just have pants! And what's worse is some men – no many men – go so far as to have stupid fucking pictures or words on their pants!

Bart friggin Simpson has a lot to answer for! And whilst i am having a rant about pants lets look at the stupidity of boxer shorts, lets talk about Buttons, why have boxer shorts got buttons on them? Girlies pants might have a little button sewn on for decoration, but it is exactly that decoration and often in a pretty colour, but boxers have fully functional buttons that no fucker ever uses so why in the world would they be there in the first place? I have never seen anybody practically pissing themselves because they cant get their boxer buttons undone! How many buttons would we save if they weren't on boxer shorts?

Fetish and kinky Ribbons and frills

Liberate yourself and get some girls panties on. Go shopping and just look at the women's section, the choice of materials and colours/patterns, is endless. Touch them, look at them and imagine them covering your cock! As if this weren't enough fun for you, just think what the old dear further down the isle might be thinking.

And what about the girl at the checkout…

On one occasion, slave and i went on a panties buying mission, at the checkout, the girl, jokingly said i would look good in them! Little did she know that they were indeed for me.

So go on have a go, try on some girly panties and feel the difference.

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  • c.ntslave

    2/29/2012 4:58:55 PM | Reply

    Oooooh nice pants and oh what a big cock you have lol