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black dildos Double Dildo Gag

Double Dildo Gag The ultimate double dildo gag. Please your partner in total silence with this fabulous solid and veined dildo. Includes a high quality leather harness with fully adjustable straps. Internal gag 2 1/2 inches - External dildo 5 inches. The best double dildo gag available.
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black dildos

bondage fetish collars


bondage fetish collars High Leather Collar With Stainless Steel

High Leather Collar With Stainless Steel This high leather collar with stainless steel sports 3 D-rings. It's strong, beautiful, and highly functional. Keep your sub in line with this sexy looking leather-lined and comfortable collar. It is easily adjustable for both men and women. Treat yourself to only the best leather bondage gear with this high leather collar with stainless steel. Comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L.
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bondage fetish collars

Bondage Ball Gags seeing my slave dribble and moan is the only way

I like to see my slave responding to my punishment and i particularly like to see her dribble and cry under the most extreme punishment. For this reason, i like a punctured gag. It serves many purposes. Apart from letting slave breath, it stops her pleading to end her punishment, i mean moaning is good right, unfortunate that what is being said is so mumbled i cant understand! I particularly like the Value Lightweight Head Harness Ball Gag. It fits snugly around the face, allows slave to breath and dribble and when she cries, her mascara, follows the line of the harness. Its a nice bit of kit. I have adapted ours slightly, by adding a loop to the rear so i can tie slaves head and hoist is up and back, during bondage sessions

Value Lightweight Head Harness Ball Gag
Explore your erotic side! Bedroom bondage play gets kinky with this lightweight and easy to use value Head Harness Ball Gag. Simple adjustable leather bondage straps fix the airflow ball gag in place.
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Bondage Ball Gags

We have a varied selection of ball gags and i may return to the subject at a later date.