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Why do men wear ladies undies?

Increasingly, men are taking to wearing panties, and hosiery, as everyday items of clothing. And i cant help wondering why?

Is it touch, feel, in secret or more open, have they been told to do so by partners? Why do men wear pants.

In contrast to my masterly existence, my slave always puts my clothes out for the day and most often will include some silky frilly panties. Its been amusing the last couple of days decorating with dirty old painting clothes and delicate satin frilled pants. One pair, tied at the side by ribbon, undid, and were hanging out my trouser leg, whilst i was up the ladder! Red with black ribbon and diamanté diamonds, oh how we laughed pulling the panties from the bottom of my jeans. I spent the rest of the day commando.

But why do men wear girlie underwear?

For me, it is because slave likes it and to be honest getting a blowie whilst stroking my frilliness is bloody amazing, especially as i have been teaching slave the art of cock sucking, which she has become extraordinarily good at it. But outside of that, i don't really know that i have panties on. But stockings or tights are another story. They feel strange, the hairs on my legs sticking out like cats whiskers and the chill is something else, like the whiskers are picking up on the cold around me! Stockings are strange but in a nice kind of way. But i wouldn’t shave my legs for them, they might not feel so good!

So what's your reason for wearing girlie panties?

Fetish party wear

Deciding on what to wear to a fetish party, largely depends on how you wish to be perceived and what your fetish is.

I once stood at a party sipping tea talking to a guy in a nappy. His only motive was he liked to wear a nappy and be looked at doing so!

Another will only wear rubber top to bottom and we converse in a muffled tone, its a job the hear through rubber!

What people wear gives a clue to who they are.

A submissive wears what the dominant tells her to wear, most often it will be little or nothing.

I like my subs to dress like a dirty whore so lingerie is very much in order with stockings and heels, whilst allowing some dignity, they are exposed.

I often chat to subs male and female who are just plain bollock naked.

As little as possibleNo too subs are ever the same - each will dress according to the Dom's wishes, however i have always thought that lingerie and heels, certainly in the case of a female allow for a switch from sub to Dom and look good while doing so.

Most parties will have changing areas, so most will at least attend the party in jeans an t-shirt / casual and get changed on arrival.


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