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Oil fetish and oily sex


What could be more sublime – well oiled boobies glistening in the light, smooth as the proverbial babies bottom. Or a cock rubbed with oil until its hard.

Most people when they think of oily sex, will consider baby oil, a scented oil even flavoured oil. Not my slave – no way it has to be car oil! The dirtier the better.

Having not been a car mechanic for over 25 years, i find myself occasionally doing repairs to one of our cars, in this case an engine change.

For 3 days i have been under a car or the car bonnet removing and replacing an engine. I have stunk of oil and looked like a grease monkey. Slave likes the smell – and she likes to see me dirty, so it was no surprise when i found myself looking at the oil leak in the old engine, just under the leaking oil filter i found the lumps of greasy oil and dirt. I rubbed my fingers in it and went to the toilet to rub it all over my cock and balls (it burnt my bollocks – well that is to say it felt very warming), though the course of the day i continued to rub oil on my cock.

Upon arriving home, as you do, i sat and ate my dinner, conversed and all the other things you do on returning from a days work, eagerly awaiting bed time.

As soon as we were in bed, my slave wanted to feast on my oily cock.

Black from the days greasing, with no hesitation slave hungrily ate my cock and all it had to offer, sucking the oil from my shaft and slurping as she did so. Not content until it was as clean as it could be.

If you have an oil fetish, make sure you try dirty greasy car oil.

Men in Panties Fetish!

Fetish for Men in girls pants

It seems socially unacceptable for men to wear girls panties, but why should the girls have all the fun?

There is nothing more boring than a pair of boxer shorts, and y fronts are are enough to make you want to run far away screaming “ahhhh so 1970’s”

Women have monthly pants,you know the boring cotton ones, and nice pants for the time in between and sexy pants for special occasions. Men the dull asses just have pants! And what's worse is some men – no many men – go so far as to have stupid fucking pictures or words on their pants!

Bart friggin Simpson has a lot to answer for! And whilst i am having a rant about pants lets look at the stupidity of boxer shorts, lets talk about Buttons, why have boxer shorts got buttons on them? Girlies pants might have a little button sewn on for decoration, but it is exactly that decoration and often in a pretty colour, but boxers have fully functional buttons that no fucker ever uses so why in the world would they be there in the first place? I have never seen anybody practically pissing themselves because they cant get their boxer buttons undone! How many buttons would we save if they weren't on boxer shorts?

Fetish and kinky Ribbons and frills

Liberate yourself and get some girls panties on. Go shopping and just look at the women's section, the choice of materials and colours/patterns, is endless. Touch them, look at them and imagine them covering your cock! As if this weren't enough fun for you, just think what the old dear further down the isle might be thinking.

And what about the girl at the checkout…

On one occasion, slave and i went on a panties buying mission, at the checkout, the girl, jokingly said i would look good in them! Little did she know that they were indeed for me.

So go on have a go, try on some girly panties and feel the difference.

Dominant Master looking for submissive women - Adult dating–South Hams

Dominant Male that is very strict and unforgiving is searching for bisexual ladies (married or single) who wish to explore their submissive fantasies.
I am an experienced master, unshockable, kinky and always on the lookout for more slaves to join my expanding harem (I currently have 1), hence the need to be bisexual, or at the very least willing to try.
I am in my late forties presentable, degree educated, easy going and with a good sense of humour. I expect total submission as I enjoy all aspects of SM CP Bondage and all limits that we discuss beforehand will be adhered to. You will contact me if you are, or wish to be, a sub/slave that likes, or would like, to be used both physically and mentally, to be humiliated and interested in exploring totally your submissiveness. Your attitude and willingness to serve a Master is the only thing that is required, and age, size and looks are not at all important.
I am not at all interested in one-offs since for this to work properly it requires time. So if you are interested in a one-off, then please look for one elsewhere. I do not travel and only accommodate midweek during the day and at a discreet luxury house in the South Hams. If this ad tickles your fancy, then why not drop me a line and your experience can start really soon.

Dominant Master looking for submissive women - Adult dating - Adult personal ads

Fetish - Naked House Work Whore.

House work whore - Sitting down on the job

I insist that my slave does the house work naked, for my pleasure.

Its assuring to know that at anytime i can see her bending over revealing her pussy and ass. At first, like us all she is self conscious, but my exacting standards make sure that she is occupied enough to take her mind off the fact that she is bollock naked.

Slave likes a bit of the old girl on girl action so i thought it fitting that she sits on hetty the hover. Those of you that know hetty or henry, will know that the cable tidy handle is small but rounded, just enough to tickle her labia!

Fetish - Lesbian love with Hetty

Hoovering naked

This toilet slut! Knows that if the level of cleanliness is not up to standard, the reclean will be done with her tongue, so slave gives the bathrooms extra effort.

Fetish - Toilet Slut

Slave on her knees cleaning naked

#BDSM #Figging

Waiting_thumbAfter taking slave to a fetish party, where she received a sterling flogging and was made to do things she does not like doing, i decided that the time had come to introduce her to figging, the art of shoving a lump of ginger up your arse!

Supposedly with origins dating back hundreds of years, figging it is said, was a way to stop the wench from clenching her buttocks when being spanked. Clenching the arse cheeks makes it burn more!

Now as slave has no liking for spanking, i though that some figging would help the cause.

Some say the intensity of being figged can create an orgasm, so lets put it to the test.

Cutting_thumbI had already selected my ginger in Tesco's, using the cover of making a curry! I made no bones about it and carved the root to resemble a cock, well it might help.

The funny thing was the hairy bits poking up, no matter what i did i could not get rid of them.

But at the base of the root i carved a section that would rub on her clit too, nice an fresh.

So with the preparation done, it was time for slave to submit and succumb to the ancient art of figging, the buttocks unclenched, ready for spanking and if we are lucky a good old fashioned orgasm to boot.

Like fuck! I have never heard so much noise from one person, anyone would have though a nuclear test had just gone off in her arse! Wriggling like a worm all over the bed moaning about how much this figging lark hurts. And begging me to stop!

Figging_thumbNow for the sake of science, i thought the figging should go on and made sure it did.

My experiment i have to say lasted less than 10 mins, which is bollocks really and i personally think slave should be shown again. All she could do to sum it up, was to say it was like putting aftershave on your pussy but 10 times worse. Something we tried many years ago.

I had heard that guys could do figging too by means of putting a shard of ginger in the tip of the cock, so i did and to be honest could not for the life of me work out what all the fuss was about.

Having shamed slave for her pathetic attempt at figging, i went to sleep.

Only to be woken in the middle of the night with a cold wet something being forced into my arse. The cheeky bitch had washed the ginger and decided it would be funny to fuck me with it!

Imagine being woken by something quite cold and wet and then being fucked by it. No effect save to say my arse was a little surprised and a tad sore, especially as the tip of the root broke off and slave nearly lost the fucking thing up me jacksy - but no effect was felt from the ginger.

So i am here to personally say figging is bollocks.

Oh and by the way slave did not go unpunished.



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