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Seven Til Midnight Marie Antoinette Costume Set ONLY £13.99 while stocks last! Get yours now.

This Marie Antoinette fancy dress costume is delicate, feminine and utterly seductive. Made from beautifully tactile satin, this sexy costume is perfect to wear during role play if you want to tease your lover with a short, sensual French delight.

This sexy fancy dress outfit is perfect to wear for role play or to a French-themed fancy dress party. Included in this four-piece costume set is a satin dress, two sleeves, a collar and a lace fan.

The short and sexy dress is made from lace, with large button detailing and multiple layers of satin for a puffed-out, tutu effect.

Two separate elbow-length sleeves are also included, with a combination of satin and floral lace draping down to cover your hands.

A stunning floral lace fan accessorises this Marie Antoinette costume perfectly, with a satin collar to complete this gorgeous ooh la la outfit


Bondage Bondage Hoods £20 for a bondage hood is great value for money. £20 for a leather bondage hood is exceptional!

Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather Hood with Gag

Shopping image of Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather Hood with Gag Available at fetish-kinks.com

This soft leather hood is ideal for advanced BDSM players looking to incorporate breathplay into their bedroom bondage games. With a 1.75-inch diameter aerated ball gag and a removable leather cover to seal the holes shut to restrict airflow.


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Bondage Bondage Hoods

Sex Toys for Couples Sex Swings


Spinning Sex Swing

Shopping image of Spinning Sex Swing Available at fetish-kinks.com

Add a 360 degree twist to sex! This fully adjustable swing allows you and your partner to achieve positions you've only dreamed about...


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Stand Alone Sex Swing Frame

Shopping image of Stand Alone Sex Swing Frame Available at fetish-kinks.com

Super strong metal frame with fur lined handles, designed to hang love swings without the need for drilling into beams or doorframes!


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Sex Toys for Couples Sex Swings

A slaves perspective on being owned.

A slave prepares herself waiting tirelessly for the moment when her Master takes ownership of her. Every action she makes. Every thought or idea she ever has. Everything she has ever learned or practiced or even experienced has been for this one moment.

Most people the world over seek only love and happiness but not a slave. A slave seeks ownership. A slave has needs to be fulfilled and those needs are to be owned. Until a slave gets this she cannot be whole.

To be kept and used. To be punished when her Master sees fit. To be forced to her knees at her Masters feet. To do everything ever asked of her without so much as a hint of complaint. To fulfil her Masters pleasure. She needs to exist in her Masters life, a place within his place where she can exist. This is the only way a slave can exist at all. Without this place a slave will simply drift through life, waiting, hoping, dreaming. Never really being anybody. An empty soul waiting to be taken and owned. When she has been taken and owned a slave can be happy. Ownership is what makes her happy. Pleasing her Master makes her happy. Making a home for him. Making sure he is contented and comfortable. All these things make a slave happy.

Love is a big journey for most people but being owned is far more of a journey. It is being in a place that her Master has created for her. Obeying his every need. Doing everything he asks of her. Not because he says so but because she wants too. She needs too. Its who she is and she needs this to feel whole. It is the role she was created for. To me that is what it means to be a slave. It means that i give myself to my Master completely. Every tiny scrap of me completely belongs to my Master. Everything i own, everything i do. Everything i may have in the future belongs to my Master. It means i trust my Master and feel secure in his presence.I live my life as a slave knowing i have given myself to my Master and he has taken me and owned me and he will protect me and keep me safe.

This is all i need as a slave. This is all i need to feel.
And then the love will come I will love my Master and my Master will love me.