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Oil fetish and oily sex


What could be more sublime – well oiled boobies glistening in the light, smooth as the proverbial babies bottom. Or a cock rubbed with oil until its hard.

Most people when they think of oily sex, will consider baby oil, a scented oil even flavoured oil. Not my slave – no way it has to be car oil! The dirtier the better.

Having not been a car mechanic for over 25 years, i find myself occasionally doing repairs to one of our cars, in this case an engine change.

For 3 days i have been under a car or the car bonnet removing and replacing an engine. I have stunk of oil and looked like a grease monkey. Slave likes the smell – and she likes to see me dirty, so it was no surprise when i found myself looking at the oil leak in the old engine, just under the leaking oil filter i found the lumps of greasy oil and dirt. I rubbed my fingers in it and went to the toilet to rub it all over my cock and balls (it burnt my bollocks – well that is to say it felt very warming), though the course of the day i continued to rub oil on my cock.

Upon arriving home, as you do, i sat and ate my dinner, conversed and all the other things you do on returning from a days work, eagerly awaiting bed time.

As soon as we were in bed, my slave wanted to feast on my oily cock.

Black from the days greasing, with no hesitation slave hungrily ate my cock and all it had to offer, sucking the oil from my shaft and slurping as she did so. Not content until it was as clean as it could be.

If you have an oil fetish, make sure you try dirty greasy car oil.