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Why do men wear ladies undies?

Increasingly, men are taking to wearing panties, and hosiery, as everyday items of clothing. And i cant help wondering why?

Is it touch, feel, in secret or more open, have they been told to do so by partners? Why do men wear pants.

In contrast to my masterly existence, my slave always puts my clothes out for the day and most often will include some silky frilly panties. Its been amusing the last couple of days decorating with dirty old painting clothes and delicate satin frilled pants. One pair, tied at the side by ribbon, undid, and were hanging out my trouser leg, whilst i was up the ladder! Red with black ribbon and diamanté diamonds, oh how we laughed pulling the panties from the bottom of my jeans. I spent the rest of the day commando.

But why do men wear girlie underwear?

For me, it is because slave likes it and to be honest getting a blowie whilst stroking my frilliness is bloody amazing, especially as i have been teaching slave the art of cock sucking, which she has become extraordinarily good at it. But outside of that, i don't really know that i have panties on. But stockings or tights are another story. They feel strange, the hairs on my legs sticking out like cats whiskers and the chill is something else, like the whiskers are picking up on the cold around me! Stockings are strange but in a nice kind of way. But i wouldn’t shave my legs for them, they might not feel so good!

So what's your reason for wearing girlie panties?

BDSM is multi faceted, comes in many guises.

The naughtiness of it all, breaking rules and doing things others say they don’t do. There is deceit, masses of it, who to tell who not to tell, and communication is often hard, but it is the doms job to get inside the head of the sub. To create a desire, to pick up on tell tale signs and signals.

For many it is a combination of things. But it takes a Dom/Domme and a sub to make it work.

But how do you know if you are a sub?

Submission is exactly that, giving yourself to someone else - to do with you as they wish. If the pleasure of being restrained and flogged is heightened by being told what a disgusting fucking whore you are, and makes your pussy wet, leaving you wanting more, and i mean can’t take your mind of it wanting more, you are most probably submissive. But ask yourself a question. Could you to these things to someone else, with conviction and take pleasure from the experience in the way you get pleasure from submitting? If so, but you also enjoy submission there is a chance you are a switch.

Submissive are generally directed by their Dom and asked to do things that just don’t happen in everyday life. For instance if a sub is commanded to take a picture of her exposed body in a department changing room/public toilet/work staff room...., it would be expected to be done by the sub or face the consequences. I find a hard spanking and or deprivation go a long way in such cases of disobedience.

A Dom will know when to step back and allow the sub some time, he will have read the sign's given off, but it is the Dom’s responsibility to challenge the boundaries, taking a step further each time, the sub will want to be used, want to receive pain and want to please.

BDSM is far from being whacked with something. It’s a journey to find the limits, the expectations, the desires and it has to be a two way process.

BDSM is far from being whacked with something. It’s a journey to find the limits, the expectations, the desires and it has to be a two way process.

We all of us have set limits and boundaries, by breaking these down little by little, a direction can be formed. The excitement is partly fuelled by opening up the chinks and cracks.

One may think that a gentler touch does not do it, but in reality, it can be explosive in itself, in the right context. Equally a firm grasp can make you gasp for air and stimulate the whole body. None of these things will be known until, you find direction.

A paddle across a firm buttock, need not be a flaying arm whack, but nothing to stop it building into such. No one knows until they have been there and back.

A perfectly normal conversation, combined with some restraint and some pain can turn a string of highly offensive words, into a orgasm like you have never known before, but equally can put others off.

Each movement, each word, provokes a response, it is the duty of a master to pick up on these tell tales signs and exploit them to the benefit of all.

Almost without fail, each time slave and i play, new crack opens, i would not be able to live up to my name if i were not to pick up on these and exploit each and everyone. So that next time we play, the experience will heighten, the journey continues.


A slaves perspective on being owned.

A slave prepares herself waiting tirelessly for the moment when her Master takes ownership of her. Every action she makes. Every thought or idea she ever has. Everything she has ever learned or practiced or even experienced has been for this one moment.

Most people the world over seek only love and happiness but not a slave. A slave seeks ownership. A slave has needs to be fulfilled and those needs are to be owned. Until a slave gets this she cannot be whole.

To be kept and used. To be punished when her Master sees fit. To be forced to her knees at her Masters feet. To do everything ever asked of her without so much as a hint of complaint. To fulfil her Masters pleasure. She needs to exist in her Masters life, a place within his place where she can exist. This is the only way a slave can exist at all. Without this place a slave will simply drift through life, waiting, hoping, dreaming. Never really being anybody. An empty soul waiting to be taken and owned. When she has been taken and owned a slave can be happy. Ownership is what makes her happy. Pleasing her Master makes her happy. Making a home for him. Making sure he is contented and comfortable. All these things make a slave happy.

Love is a big journey for most people but being owned is far more of a journey. It is being in a place that her Master has created for her. Obeying his every need. Doing everything he asks of her. Not because he says so but because she wants too. She needs too. Its who she is and she needs this to feel whole. It is the role she was created for. To me that is what it means to be a slave. It means that i give myself to my Master completely. Every tiny scrap of me completely belongs to my Master. Everything i own, everything i do. Everything i may have in the future belongs to my Master. It means i trust my Master and feel secure in his presence.I live my life as a slave knowing i have given myself to my Master and he has taken me and owned me and he will protect me and keep me safe.

This is all i need as a slave. This is all i need to feel.
And then the love will come I will love my Master and my Master will love me.

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