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BDSM is multi faceted, comes in many guises.

The naughtiness of it all, breaking rules and doing things others say they don’t do. There is deceit, masses of it, who to tell who not to tell, and communication is often hard, but it is the doms job to get inside the head of the sub. To create a desire, to pick up on tell tale signs and signals.

For many it is a combination of things. But it takes a Dom/Domme and a sub to make it work.

But how do you know if you are a sub?

Submission is exactly that, giving yourself to someone else - to do with you as they wish. If the pleasure of being restrained and flogged is heightened by being told what a disgusting fucking whore you are, and makes your pussy wet, leaving you wanting more, and i mean can’t take your mind of it wanting more, you are most probably submissive. But ask yourself a question. Could you to these things to someone else, with conviction and take pleasure from the experience in the way you get pleasure from submitting? If so, but you also enjoy submission there is a chance you are a switch.

Submissive are generally directed by their Dom and asked to do things that just don’t happen in everyday life. For instance if a sub is commanded to take a picture of her exposed body in a department changing room/public toilet/work staff room...., it would be expected to be done by the sub or face the consequences. I find a hard spanking and or deprivation go a long way in such cases of disobedience.

A Dom will know when to step back and allow the sub some time, he will have read the sign's given off, but it is the Dom’s responsibility to challenge the boundaries, taking a step further each time, the sub will want to be used, want to receive pain and want to please.

With Christmas on its way, lets look at some low cost bdsm toys and save even more with our sex toy voucher codes.

Christmas is a great time of year to introduce sextoys into a relationship, or smuggle your toys into the house! Who doesn’t get packages at Christmas…

I have bought together some great deals for those who are just starting out with BDSM and have listed below some low cost products, suitable for home play. Just enter the sex toy voucher code at the check out.

Have fun.

Bound to Tease Ball Gag Usual Price £16.45 with code BTTGAG only £13.15 SAVE £3.30

Ball gags, don't stop your sub from making a noise, but they certainly make it very difficult to talk, the sub often grunting or moaning as responses. The ball is perforated and over the course of play the sub will undoubtedly end up dribbling. More reason for a good old spanking.

Bound to Tease Wrist restraints Usual Price £24.95 with code BTTWRIST only £19.95 SAVE  £5

Connected with a clip on chain, these cuffs look and feel like nothing you'll have experienced before. Restrain your sub using the chain and limit their ability to walk or use there hands, or use to spread the sub out ready for some impact play. These are not leather cuffs and that no surprise given the cost, but they are very acceptable for their intended use. Also available as ankle restraints as you can see below.

Bound to Tease Ankle restraints Usual Price £25.95 with code BTTANKLE only £20.75 SAVE £5.20

Bound to Tease Collar Usual Price £19.95 with code BTTCOLLAR only £15.95 SAVE £4 

The perfect symbol of ownership and submission - the Bound to Tease Collar!
Submit in beautiful style with this leather look collar that's comfortable, secure and safe to use in a variety of kinky bedroom and Fetish session play scenes. The o ring if used with ankle and wrist cuffs and some rope can lead to some awkward positions for your sub!


Bound to Tease Blindfold Usual Price £9.95 with code BTTBLINDFOLD only £7.95 SAVE £2

Sight deprivation can super enhance any subs excitement, and whilst the blindfold does look pretty! To my mind it is candy for the eye. Far better is a scarf that can be wrapped around the head a number of times and completely block out everything. I have made my sub quiver from the lightest of touch simply because she was deprived by a scarf! However if you are just starting to explore BDSM then a simple blindfold may appeal more.


Bound to Tease Heart Leather Paddle Usual Price £19.95 with code BTTHEART only £15.95 SAVE £4

Hehe a spanking paddle. One sharp whack and you leave the shapes of hearts on your subs bottom, or anywhere else you care to do it. These paddles are pretty flexible and allow the dom to “spank” the sub with little or no effort whilst causing a considerable sting.



Bound to Tease Diamante Paddle Usual Price £24.95 with code BTTDIAMANTE only £19.95 SAVE £5

Love this – one hard whack on the cheek of slaves ass and she becomes a slut, which is imprinted, much like the hearts above. Available as “Slut” or “Bitch” So maybe one for each cheek then.



Bound to Tease Mini Suede Flogger Usual Price £9.95 with code BTTMINI only £7.95 SAVE £2

Ok this is a real beginner toy, the fall is not great and to be honest i think its more like a pussy tickler. But not everybody like a hard flogging and if you are just dipping your toe in, this can be fun.



Bound to Tease Suede Flogger Usual Price £18.95 with code BTTFLOGGER only £15.15 SAVE £3.80

Now if your going to use a flogger, why not get a larger one. You don't have to whack the crap out of your sub, when starting out but, as you progress, you will be glad you went for a bigger flogger. Suede will give you a thud whereas leather will give you a snap type of flogging. If you just starting out, don't spoil the fun by going straight in, build up your play, its much more fun.

Fetish party wear

Deciding on what to wear to a fetish party, largely depends on how you wish to be perceived and what your fetish is.

I once stood at a party sipping tea talking to a guy in a nappy. His only motive was he liked to wear a nappy and be looked at doing so!

Another will only wear rubber top to bottom and we converse in a muffled tone, its a job the hear through rubber!

What people wear gives a clue to who they are.

A submissive wears what the dominant tells her to wear, most often it will be little or nothing.

I like my subs to dress like a dirty whore so lingerie is very much in order with stockings and heels, whilst allowing some dignity, they are exposed.

I often chat to subs male and female who are just plain bollock naked.

As little as possibleNo too subs are ever the same - each will dress according to the Dom's wishes, however i have always thought that lingerie and heels, certainly in the case of a female allow for a switch from sub to Dom and look good while doing so.

Most parties will have changing areas, so most will at least attend the party in jeans an t-shirt / casual and get changed on arrival.


BDSM is far from being whacked with something. It’s a journey to find the limits, the expectations, the desires and it has to be a two way process.

BDSM is far from being whacked with something. It’s a journey to find the limits, the expectations, the desires and it has to be a two way process.

We all of us have set limits and boundaries, by breaking these down little by little, a direction can be formed. The excitement is partly fuelled by opening up the chinks and cracks.

One may think that a gentler touch does not do it, but in reality, it can be explosive in itself, in the right context. Equally a firm grasp can make you gasp for air and stimulate the whole body. None of these things will be known until, you find direction.

A paddle across a firm buttock, need not be a flaying arm whack, but nothing to stop it building into such. No one knows until they have been there and back.

A perfectly normal conversation, combined with some restraint and some pain can turn a string of highly offensive words, into a orgasm like you have never known before, but equally can put others off.

Each movement, each word, provokes a response, it is the duty of a master to pick up on these tell tales signs and exploit them to the benefit of all.

Almost without fail, each time slave and i play, new crack opens, i would not be able to live up to my name if i were not to pick up on these and exploit each and everyone. So that next time we play, the experience will heighten, the journey continues.


Seven Til Midnight Marie Antoinette Costume Set ONLY £13.99 while stocks last! Get yours now.

This Marie Antoinette fancy dress costume is delicate, feminine and utterly seductive. Made from beautifully tactile satin, this sexy costume is perfect to wear during role play if you want to tease your lover with a short, sensual French delight.

This sexy fancy dress outfit is perfect to wear for role play or to a French-themed fancy dress party. Included in this four-piece costume set is a satin dress, two sleeves, a collar and a lace fan.

The short and sexy dress is made from lace, with large button detailing and multiple layers of satin for a puffed-out, tutu effect.

Two separate elbow-length sleeves are also included, with a combination of satin and floral lace draping down to cover your hands.

A stunning floral lace fan accessorises this Marie Antoinette costume perfectly, with a satin collar to complete this gorgeous ooh la la outfit


Bondage Bondage Hoods £20 for a bondage hood is great value for money. £20 for a leather bondage hood is exceptional!

Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather Hood with Gag

Shopping image of Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather Hood with Gag Available at fetish-kinks.com

This soft leather hood is ideal for advanced BDSM players looking to incorporate breathplay into their bedroom bondage games. With a 1.75-inch diameter aerated ball gag and a removable leather cover to seal the holes shut to restrict airflow.


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Bondage Bondage Hoods

Sex Toys for Couples Sex Swings


Spinning Sex Swing

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Add a 360 degree twist to sex! This fully adjustable swing allows you and your partner to achieve positions you've only dreamed about...


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Stand Alone Sex Swing Frame

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Super strong metal frame with fur lined handles, designed to hang love swings without the need for drilling into beams or doorframes!


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Sex Toys for Couples Sex Swings